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The Florissant Police Department Prepares Residents with C.E.R.T. Training

The Florissant Police Department has begun a training course called C.E.R.T., an acronym that stands for Community Emergency Response Team.

The CERT training will promote a partnering effort between emergency services and the people that they serve. The goal is for emergency personnel to train members of neighborhoods, community organizations, or workplaces in basic response skills. CERT members are then integrated into the emergency capability for their area.

Under the guidelines of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and using the model created by the Los Angeles City Fire Department, CERT's have been established in hundreds of communities. President George W. Bush stated, "We will find ways to train and mobilize more volunteers to help when rescue and health emergencies arise!"

Seeing the need for this type of training, the Florissant Police Department began the first of many scheduled CERT training courses, which consists of 21 hours of training, one night a week for six weeks. Emergency Responders such as firefighters, emergency medical personnel and law enforcement personnel from your community will teach this course.

If a disastrous event overwhelms or delays the community's professional response, CERT members can assist others by applying the basic response and organizational skills that they learned during training. These skills can help save and sustain lives following a disaster until help arrives. CERT skills also apply to daily emergencies.

Click here to download a blank CERT application. Print and fill out.

For more information on CERT training, contact Officer Steve Michael at the Florissant Police Department at 314-830-6042.

FCC Emergency Management Commission Leaders

Community Emergency Response Team
FCC Emergency Management Commission Leaders

FCC Emergency Management Commission Members

  • Ward 1 - Eric Thomas 

  • Ward 2 - Antonia "Toni" Gist

  • Ward 3 - Jason Ebersole

  • Ward 4 - Robert Smith (Chairman)

  • Ward 5 - Virginia "Ginger" Avery (Secretary)

  • Ward 6 - Taylor Gaw

  • Ward 7 - Mary Janis

  • Ward 8 - Daniel Cunningham

  • Ward 9 - Robert "Rob" Shoemaker (Vice Chairman)

  • Officer Steve Michael - FPD Liasion

  • Chief Scott Seppelt - FVFPD

  • Emergency Management Commission Email Address : emc@florissantmo.com

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