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TERM OF OFFICE: One (1) year     
MEMBERS: Thirty-Six (36) Citizens Four (4) from each ward
STAFF: Community Development Director

Sec. 2-236. Established. There is hereby established a citizen participation committee of the city.

Sec. 2-237. Membership; term. The citizen participation committee shall consist of eighteen (18) members with at least one (1) member from each ward and the remaining nine (9) members would be at large with not more than three (3) members from any one ward. All members shall be residents of the city. The term of each member shall be for one (1) year. Members presently serving from a ward with four (4) members may continue to be reappointed. (Ord. 6018,2/23/g)

Sec. 2-238. Organization; adoption of rules and regulations. (a) The citizen participation committee shall elect its own chairman, vice-chairman and secretary, who shall serve for a term of one year. (b) At any regularly scheduled meeting, the committee may adopt any rules and regulations it deems necessary to carry into effect the responsibilities set out in this division.

Sec. 2-239. Meetings; quorum. (a) The citizen participation committee shall meet at least once a month but shall be authorized to meet more frequently by a majority vote of the members present at a regularly scheduled meeting. (b) A quorum, for the purpose of making and adopting recommendations to be submitted to the council, shall consist of a majority plus one of the number of members appointed at any given time.

Sec. 2-240. Committee to act in advisory capacity only. No part of this division shall be construed as a delegation of legislative functions from the council, and such committee shall be advisory only. (Code 1980, 2-100)

Sec. 2-241. Duties and responsibilities. It shall be the duty of the citizen participation committee to review and make recommendations to the council for the spending of community development funds, to hold public hearings as the committee deems necessary to gather information from which recommendations concerning community development funds and their expenditures can be made to the council, and at least once each year to meet with the council as a whole to make their recommendations concerning the expenditure of community development funds. Additionally, the committee shall annually review and make recommendations regarding the city's capital improvement program and federal revenue sharing funds. The committee shall also be empowered to make recommendations to the council on any matter submitted to them for their consideration by the council as a whole at any regularly scheduled council meeting and shall submit their recommendations to the council after their study.

Sec. 2-242
. Financing. The payment and processing of expenses shall be in accordance with the regulations of the city concerning the payment of reasonable and necessary expenses.