Bureau of Field Operations


Captain Vince Godfrey
Commander Bureau of Field Operations


The Bureau of Field Operations is the largest component of the Florissant Police Department. It includes the uniformed men and women assigned to patrol the city, providing the first line of police services. The B.F.O. is divided into three squads. The three patrol squads each have a Lieutenant, Sergeants and Police Officers. The Police Officers are permanently assigned to seven patrol sectors that strategically dissect the city so as to provide the most efficient police patrols with the shortest possible response times. The sectors are defined based upon calls for service, the residential and business composition of the areas, and geographic factors that would impede rapid response.

The Department is equipped with three Canine Officers and their canine partners. All teams are graduates of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department's Canine Academy. They are highly trained in crowd control, tracking, and narcotics detection and one canine has specialized training in bomb detection techniques. The Officers are assigned regular patrol squads and are on-call 24 hours a day to assist the department and other agencies as requested.

The department has a philosophy of community oriented problem solving, intended to maintain or improve the quality of life in Florissant. Assigning the Officers to their sectors on a long-term basis allows the offices to develop a rapport with the community and a greater working knowledge of their sectors. Each Officer is expected to identify problems or needs within their sectors and they are encouraged to develop solutions and enlist the assistance of other Officers, departments, or agencies that will assist them in solving problems.