The Neighborhood Watch Program assists residents to protect themselves, their homes, and neighborhoods.  Residents are shown how to secure their property, how to identify and report suspicious activity, and how to be good neighbors.  The program enlists residents as Neighborhood Watch Block Captain’s and Ward Captains from each of the nine City Wards. These roles help keep the program growing by active participation from the residents.  The 9 Ward Captains and other Neighborhood Watch Volunteers will hold meetings to help promote new membership and discuss crime trends and strategies that neighbors can use to deter criminal activity. The Neighborhood Watch Program currently has an active membership of over 1300 citizens with numerous registered Block Captains. We continue with our efforts to recruit new members through social media, promotional videos, displays at a variety of functions in the city, and through individual member’s efforts. The Neighborhood Watch street sign is available for your street, the requirement is to get at least half of your street signed up for the program. The sign is currently being circulated in neighborhoods with active watch groups.  

Neighborhood watch presentation by Officer Michael. For more information please email him at or call his office at 314-830-6042.