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  1. Establishment: The Board shall consist of seven (7) members appointed by the city council upon recommendation of the Mayor, Members shall serve without compensation. The City shall actively notify citizens to apply for appointment to the Board, and City Council members and citizens are encouraged to make recommendations to the Mayor about persons who should be considered for appointment to the Board based upon their independent, impartial, balanced views. At least five (5) of the Board members must be registered voters and either a resident of Florissant, or an owner of a business in Florissant, or a leader of a church or religious congregation in Florissant. Board members may not be employed by the city; have served in a law enforcement capacity in the past five (5) years; be a party to any pending litigation against the city, excluding traffic offenses; be a current elected public office holder; or have served as an elected public office holder in the past five (5) years; or be a candidate for elected public office; and the spouses of the foregoing persons. Board members should reflect the cultural and racial diversity of Florissant and demonstrate knowledge of issues pertaining to civil rights and the criminal justice system and police practices. Board members cannot have a serious criminal record. The Police Chief shall obtain a criminal history of all applicants for membership on the Board and advise the city council of any arrests and any convictions for violations of federal, state or local law. No Board member may serve more than two (2) consecutive terms.

  2. Meetings: The Board should meet at least monthly, and should meet as frequently as possible to perform its duties. When requested by the Board the Police Chief or the chief's designee shall attend Board meetings to serve as an informational resource for the Board. The Board shall provide an opportunity for public comment at each monthly meeting. The Board shall meet semi- annually with the chief of police to discuss issues of concern and to recommend ways that the police can improve their relationship with citizens. The Board may also make recommendations regarding policies, rules, hiring, training and the complaint process. Four (4) members shall constitute a quorum for conducting business.

  3. Training: New Board members shall participate in orientation and training that includes review of the police professional standard unit’s operating policies and procedures and a ride-along with police officers. Training shall also include topics suggested by NACOLE in its recommended orientation and training for Board members. After an appointment to the Board but before serving on the Board, Board members shall participate in a ride-along with police officers for at least twenty-four (24) hours, with at least eight (8) hours ride-along occurring at night. Thereafter, Board members shall participate in a ride-along with police officers for at least sixteen (16) hours per year for at least four (4) hours ride-along occurring at night.