Bureau of Investigations


Lt. Dennis DeHart
Commander Bureau of Investigations


The Bureau of Investigation is primarily responsible for investigating both reported crime and activities that could be criminal in nature or which may result in the commission of a crime. The B.O.I. is also responsible for processing and custody of property and evidence as well as the care and custody of prisoners held in the department holdover. BOI is responsible for the Investigations, Evidence, Crime Interdiction and Corrections Units. There are two Sergeants assigned to the BOI and they generally work opposite shifts insure supervision of the on duty personnel.

The Investigations Unit includes ten Detectives, each of which is highly trained and experienced. The Detectives work in teams of two and are assigned investigations by the type of crime or activity involved. Each Detective is a member of the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis.

In addition to participation in the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis, the Detectives support many regional investigative efforts including forensic computer crime, juvenile justice, auto theft, gangs, and narcotics. They meet regularly with other local law enforcement agencies to share intelligence and information on local crime trends that impact communities throughout the area.

The Evidence Technicians are responsible for the processing of all major crime scenes and the control and custody of all property and evidence secured by the department. They are equipped with state of the art equipment for gathering and processing evidence, including a complete digital photo and video laboratory, fully equipped evidence van and the latest in evidence detection and collection devices.

The Crime Interdiction Unit includes four Officers who handle special "street level investigations ranging from code violations to narcotics violations. They have been extremely valuable in working with the patrol officers to rid neighborhoods of nuisance locations.

The Corrections Unit manages the department holdover that can confine a maximum of 27 prisoners. During 2014 the unit processed over 6,600 arrestees. Most prisoners held by the department are short term, awaiting transfer to other agencies or institutions, but many are held awaiting bond or appearances in the Municipal Court. To efficiently handle the flow of arrestees, the corrections unit relies upon cutting edge technology. Arrest photos are taken using high-speed video that captures the "mugshot" and transfers it to the central repository at the St. Louis County Justice Center. In similar fashion, fingerprints are now rolled on an ink-less, computerized "Live Scan" system that insures the officer rolls acceptable impressions. The rolled prints are then electronically stored and transmitted to state and local AFIS fingerprint repositories. The IRIS and Live Scan system are integrated with the REJIS booking system to create a complete record on every arrest.