Excavation Permits

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An Excavation Permit is required for all excavation work performed in the City right-of-way. Applications are available in the Public Works Department.  Application should take place at least 48 hours prior to beginning excavation work.  Work must not begin until a permit has been applied for and approved.  The cost is $50.00 and the permit is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.  Be prepared to provide dimensions of the excavation area at the time of application as well as the distance from the end of the driveway approach to the neighbor's property line.  Pavement can be placed up to the property line but cannot go over the line.  The work shall not alter the flow of surface water so as to negatively impact adjacent properties.

Insurance and Bond Requirements

If a contractor is performing the excavation, a Certificate of Liability Insurance and a $2,000.00 license and permit bond or cash bond must be on file with the City of Florissant Engineering Office before a permit can be issued and excavation in the City right-of-way can begin.  If the work is being performed by the homeowner the insurance and bond are not required. Once an Excavation Permit has been issued, a sub-grade inspection by the City must be performed before pavement is placed.  Special conditions apply to large street, sewer or utility projects.  Contact the Engineering Office at 314-839-7618 for further information.

Concrete Requirements

All concrete within the City Right-of-Way must be 6 1/2-sack mix using Meramec sand and gravel with a minimum compressive strength of 4,000 pounds per square inch (psi).  Concrete must be placed on a compacted soil or rock sub-grade.  Driveway approaches in the City Right-of-Way, including public sidewalk through driveway, shall have a minimum thickness of 6 inches.  Sidewalk outside of driveway approaches shall be a minimum thickness of 4 inches.  Mesh may be added but is not required.  Full-depth expansion joints must be provided at all places where new concrete will adjoin old concrete.

Asphalt Requirements

If an asphalt driveway is desired, the approach shall have a minimum thickness of 9 inches (3-inch surface course and 6-inch base course).

Subgrade Inspections

A sub-grade inspection is required for all areas in the City right-of-way. The Engineering Office requires a 48 hour notice for sub-grade inspections.  Concrete may not be placed in the City right-of-way until the sub-grade inspection has been approved.  The Inspector will leave a door hanger indicating approval or non-approval if there is no one present at the inspection.  The sub-grade area must be completely dry and free of water before the sub-grade will be approved.  A final inspection will automatically be performed 30 days from the issue date of the permit.