For questions regarding the Engineering Division, please call Tom Goldkamp, EI at 314 / 839-7643

The City's Engineering Division is responsible for assuring the quality of the City's infrastructure which includes all bridges, roads, sanitary and storm sewers, along with state and county highway projects through design and construction.  Related programs consist of administering the Residential Sanitary Sewer Lateral Insurance Program and the Sidewalk Trip Hazard Removal Program, regulation of properties within the City's floodplain and underground fuel storage facilities, conducting reviews and monitoring of new and existing subdivisions, various City Hall improvement projects, applying for various federal and state grants, in addition to, working closely with the Mayor, Economic Development Director, and the Building Division on all new developments in the City.  Additionally, the Engineering Division maintains the City's Geographic Information System (GIS), all City maps, information on all City-owned buildings and structures, monitors and regulates all public right-of-ways and adheres to the residents inquires on various engineering issues.

Click the links below for Floodplain Information. For more specific information please contact the city engineer at (314) 839-7643