Sewer Lateral Insurance Program

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Residential Sanitary Sewer Lateral Insurance Program

The City of Florissant's Residential Sewer Lateral Insurance Program covers the cost of repairing a defective residential sanitary sewer lateral in the City of Florissant.

Under this program, homeowners pay a $28.00 annual fee, which is included on the real estate property tax bills issued to homeowners each year.

The portion of the residential sewer lateral that is covered under this program runs from the main sewer line up to within five feet of the residential dwelling unit. The homeowner is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of their sewer lateral inside their home and within five feet of the residential dwelling.

The program does not cover septic tank systems, private treatment systems or the cost to replace any trees, shrubs, flowers, sod, decks, concrete work (except for sidewalk and street work), retaining walls or out-buildings that may be damaged during repair of the sewer lateral. The program will cover only sanitary sewer laterals that connect to the main sewer system. The program is responsible for covering the repaired sewer lateral site with clean fill soil, including seeding the area.

This program does not apply to commercial, industrial or multi-family properties with more than six dwelling units.

What constitutes an emergency repair?
A lateral that is severely clogged and cabling the lateral by a St. Louis County licensed certified plumber or drainlayer is unsuccessful is considered an emergency repair. The clog must be so severe that nothing can pass through the lateral. In a case where there are numerous emergency repairs pending, they are repaired in the order received. If there is only one emergency repair pending, it will be moved in front of all pending repairs but only after the paperwork has been approved by the City Engineer and the Street Department has contacted Missouri One Call in which all underground lines have been located. The locating of underground lines through Missouri One Call takes a minimum of 48 hours.

If you have a blockage or see a sinkhole:

Step One

The homeowner must contact an Approved St. Louis County licensed plumber or drainlayer to run a cable through the sewer lateral line to clear the blockage. If cabling the sewer lateral is successful and the sewer lateral is open and flowing, the homeowner will not have to apply for the program. However, if the blockage is unable to be cleared or if cabling the sewer lateral line indicates that there are structural defects in the line, a video and diagram must be made. Homeowner will be reimbursed the full cost of the Video Inspection Report if application is approved for the Sewer Lateral Program.

Step Two

Applications may be downloaded at the link here or you may pick up an application from the Engineering Division's Office located in the lower level of City Hall at 955 rue St. Francois. The video tape and diagram that you obtained from the plumber or drain-layer must be turned in with the application, along with a copy of the paid real estate tax receipt for the current year for the property with the defective lateral. A complete application will include the following attachments:

  • Very detailed written diagram indicating all possible dimensions including depth of lateral;
  • Very detailed written diagnosis (this is usually a copy of the invoice and the company logo must be imprinted at top);
  • Current video tape with descriptive audio narrative. The audio portion of the video must include the current date, property address and the name of the company. The video operator must explain what is going on in the lateral as he is taping the lateral. The front of the video tape (the part that is visible through the window of the VCR) should be marked with the property address, the name of the company performing the video and the current date.

The written diagnosis should explain in detail the findings of the video tape including all measurements and depths. The written diagram is a diagram of the property showing the house. The diagram must have the length of the lateral repair area from the house and
the driveway. The location of the repair area must be clearly marked and must include the depth of the repair. Any yard obstructions or private sidewalks, etc. should also be clearly marked on the diagram. Diagram forms are available in the Public Works office.

An incomplete application is an application that is missing any part of the information mentioned above. Incomplete applications will not be accepted for submission.

Step Three

The City Engineer will review the application, video tape and diagram and determine if a repair is needed.
Repair requests are approved if there are structural deficiencies within the lateral or if waste is unable to make it to the MSD main line.
An excessive amount of roots in a sewer lateral doesn't necessitate a repair. However, if the root blockage is severe enough to disjoint the lateral sections, then a repair will be made

Step Four

If a repair is approved by the City Engineer, the City's crew will contact Missouri One Call to have the underground lines located. Once the underground lines have been located, the property will be put in line for repair. Repairs are made in the order they are received. Once the area is excavated, a St. Louis County licensed master plumber or drain-layer will be notified by the Engineering Division's Office to perform the sewer repair. Once the repair is completed, the City's crew will backfill the area with suitable fill and will return at a later date to seed and straw the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my sewer lateral is attached to a septic tank?

Florissant residents whose homes have sanitary sewer laterals attached to septic tanks or leachate fields are not eligible for the Residential Sewer Lateral Inspection Program, however, a $28.00 sewer lateral fee will appear on the real estate tax bill. Refunds may be requested only from January 1st through December 31st for the previous paid tax year by submitting a "paid" real estate tax bill for the property to the Engineering Clerk in the Public Works Department.

What if I own a Condominium Unit?

The Residential Sewer Lateral Insurance Program does not apply to condominium units with six or more units, however, a $28.00 sewer lateral fee will appear on the real estate tax bill. Refunds may be requested only from January 1st through December 31st for the previous paid tax year by submitting a "paid" real estate tax bill for the property to the Engineering Clerk in the Public Works Department.

Who should I contact for more information on this program?

Please contact the Florissant Department of Public Works at 314-839-7618 if you have any questions or need information.