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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Blasingame, Kathy Administrative Assistant Public Works 314-839-7641
Brooks-White, Sonya Director of Human Resources Human Resources 314-839-7623
Carr, Beth Recreation Specialist Parks and Recreation 314-839-7675
Crouse, Nancy Box Office Clerk Theatre 314-921-5678
Entwistle, Cheryl Admin Assistant Mayor 314-839-7601
Goldkamp, Tom City Engineer Public Works 314-839-7643
Goldstein, Beth Admin Assistant Parks and Recreation 314-839-7670
Goodwin, Karen City Clerk City Clerk 314-839-7630
Henke, Carol Clerk Senior Citizen Services 314-839-7605
Hogan, Peggy Senior Coordinator Senior Citizen Services 314-839-7604
Jearls, Lou Director Public Works 314-839-7641
Kammermeyer, Toni Community Development Specialist Community Development 314-839-7622
Kane, Brendan Center Director Parks and Recreation 314-839-7670
Koester, Greg Health Department - 'A' Foreman Public Works 314-839-7669 x 7229
Laramie, Bob Superintendent of Parks Parks and Recreation 314-839-7670
Lum, Philip Building Commissioner Public Works 314-839-7647
Luster, Kerry Media Coordinator / F.C.T.V. Station Manager Media 314-839-7635
McDaniel, Randy Director Finance 314-921-5700
Meyer, Gary Street Superintendent Public Works 314-839-7652
Mills, Debra Court Clerk Municipal Court 314-921-3322
Moore, Anita Deputy City Clerk City Clerk 314-839-7631
Morris, Jenny Purchasing Clerk Purchasing 314-839-7621
Nelke, Trish Administrative Assistant Theatre 314-921-5678 x 7250
O'Mara, Carol Director Community Development 314-839-7680
Paladin, Brian Asst. Theatre Mgr / Technical Director Theatre 314-921-5678 x 7251
Staff 1-25 of 33