Land Disturbance Permits

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Land Disturbance Permits are required for any person who intends to conduct a land disturbance activity prior to beginning the activity in accordance with City's Land Disturbance Code, Ordinance No. 7358 (Chapter 505 Article V of the City Code).  Contact the City Engineer at 314-839-7643 with any questions.

Certain activities are exempt from the land disturbance requirements including:

·        Land disturbance associated with additions to an accessory structures for one- and two-family dwellings

·        Land disturbance less than two thousand (2,000) square feet in area

·        Removal of existing or dying grass and resodding or reseeding less than ten thousand (10,000) square feet.

·        Gardening on property occupied by one- or two family dwellings.

There are two (2) types of land disturbance permits: Ordinary and Major.  

·        Disturbance activities equal to or greater than one (1) acre, or part of proposed development that will ultimately disturb one (1) or more acre require a Major Land Disturbance Permit.   

·        An Ordinary Land Disturbance Permit is required for land disturbances of less than one (1) acre.

Land Disturbance Application

Ordinary Land Disturbance Permit Checklist

Major Land Disturbance Permit Checklist