The Landmark Historic District Commission (LHDC) was formed in 2001 with the combining of the former Old Town Commission and Landmark Commission. Some of the duties of the LHDC consists of reviewing requests for designating properties as landmarks, exterior renovation of landmark properties, exterior renovation to contributing historic resources located in the Historic District, and reviewing public improvements in the Historic District and near landmark properties. For further duties of the LHDC please see sections 405.25 - 405.463 in Article XII of the Florissant Code.

The LHDC consists of seven residents that are appointed by the City Council. Members of this commission have demonstrated an interest in history and preservation. To the extent available, the commission is to include professional members whose background or education demonstrates an interest in art and architecture, history or other fields related to historic preservation. Most members live in a landmark property or within a historic district or own a business in the historic district.

Historic Preservation

The residents of the City of Florissant are proud of their past. In keeping with this pride the city established a historic preservation ordinance in 1971. The Historic Districts (Historic Residential and Historic Business) are located at the center of the city as well as city hall. Exterior design of buildings in the Historic Districts are governed by the Old Town Guidelines which were developed to preserve the heritage of the city. In October of 2001 the city received the status of Certified Local Government from the National Park Service. The Landmark Historic District Commission (LHDC) reviews renovations of landmark structures within the city and of contributing structures. The LHDC meets on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the second floor conference room of the Florissant City Hall. For further information on the LHDC or Historic Preservation requirements call the Public Works office at 314-839-7648.