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In past years the Florissant Police Department had a Citizen Police Academy that we offered to our residents. In 2014 The Florissant Police Department teamed up with the Florissant Valley Fire Protection District and formed a Public Safety Citizen Academy.

The Citizen Academy is a 9-week educational, citizen involvement activity designed by the Police and Fire Departments as part of their goal to be involved with the residents that they serve. The goal of this class is to promote understanding between citizens and police officers and fire fighters regarding their respective needs and concerns. By promoting this understanding it is hoped that the citizens and police and fire departments will work better together.

This is a unique opportunity for citizens to experience a taste of police and fire training through classroom participation and practical exercises. Some areas of training include narcotics investigation, traffic crash investigation, crime scene processing, firearms, first aid, fire science, vehicle extraction, fire attack, and more. Role-playing is done to emphasize the training.

Community involvement is the key to a successful C. O. P. S. Program. This program is geared toward concerned citizens that want to take an active part in becoming neighborhood and community leaders. Citizen Academy applicants should have a genuine appreciation for Police Officers and Firefighters, and a willingness to support their positions.

Citizen Academy graduates will not be Police Officers or Firefighters, but simply those people who wish to know what they can do to help the Police and Fire Departments. Upon graduation they will be afforded the opportunity to do volunteer work with the Police Department. Citizen Academy graduates, together with community policing theories, will be a useful addition to the Florissant Police arsenal against crime.

Citizen Academy Application

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