Exterior Program

The City of Florissant takes pride in its community and housing stock to keep the quality of the neighborhood to the highest standards. The exterior program was enacted to help accomplish this.

The general purpose of this program is to protect the character and stability of residential properties within the city and to preserve property values thus preventing blight. Exterior inspections are done on every home in the city. Items are noted on the inspection form and sent to the homeowner. The owner is given 30 days to make all repairs and contact the Public Works office to schedule a re-inspection. Extensions are given on a case by case basis if approved by the Building Commissioner.

Click Here for the Exterior Inspection Checklist

Click here for the Florissant Property Maintenance Codes

The exterior drive by program is done monthly on predesignated streets (alphabetically by street name) or upon receipt of written or verbal complaint from another resident.These are visual inspections done from the street.