Project Lifesaver

Florissant Police Project Lifesaver Program


Florissant Police Department is proud to announce the implementation of an innovative search and rescue program that can help protect some of the most vulnerable citizens of the City of Florissant. Called Project Lifesaver, it is a rapid search and rescue response program that aids victims and families suffering from Alzheimer's disease and other related disorders such as Down syndrome and Autism, who become lost.

Individuals, who participate in Project Lifesaver, will be given personalized wristbands that emit a tracking signal. When a caregiver contacts 911 stating that their loved one has wandered away or is missing, our trained personnel will utilize a tracking device that allows us to locate the missing individual quickly.

Over 5,000,000 people in the US have Alzheimer's. That number will grow to 15 million by 2030.Well over 50% of these people wander and become lost. A lost person with Alzheimer's or other dementia represents a critical emergency. They are unaware of their situation; they do not call out for help and do not respond to people calling out to them. Nearly half of them will die and many can become injured or fall victim to predators if they are not located within 24 hours.

The Florissant Police Department has received the equipment necessary to track the individuals with a grant thru Project Lifesaver. Interested individuals can contact Project Lifesaver directly at 757-546-5502 or go to their website at to enroll in the program. The cost to enroll is $95 for the transmitter and related equipment and a $25 monthly fee.
If the enrolled individual goes missing, the caregiver must immediately notify the Florissant Police Department so a search can begin.

The Florissant Police Department is the first law enforcement agency in eastern Missouri to have a Project Lifesaver Program and have the ability to electronically track enrollees when they go missing. We encourage anyone with a family member who lives in the City of Florissant and has a tendency to wander from home to consider this potential life-saving program.