The Prosecutor’s Office prosecutes all City ordinance violations.

The Prosecuting Attorneys for the City of Florissant are DeAnn Outlaw, Todd Marler, and Ross Davis.

The office can be contacted by phone at 314-921-3322 option 2 or fax 314-582-9728

Requests for recommendations:  If the attorney is requesting a recommendation from the Prosecuting Attorney, a separate letter directed to the prosecuting attorney shall be sent directly to the prosecuting attorney by mail or fax 314-582-9728.  When sending via mail, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Along with your letter requesting a recommendation, a copy of the entry of appearance as filed with the court shall be enclosed.  You must file your entry with the court and submit a copy to the Prosecuting Attorney’s office.

Any relevant documentation that would assist the prosecutor in making a recommendation, i.e. proof of insurance, registration, reinstatement, etc.  can be submitted with the request.  NOTE: If your client’s charge(s) involve a motor vehicle accident, a copy of their insurance card IS NOT SUFFICIENT.  You must provide either a letter from your client’s insurer verifying proof of settlement or claim with acceptance of liability.

If discovery is requested, please file the request with the prosecuting attorney.

Counsel will receive a written recommendation from the prosecutor by mail.  PLEASE NOTE:  the recommendation will remain on the court date unless counsel requests a continuance from the Court office.  If the recommendation is not accepted and paid or counsel has conflict with the court date for appearance required recommendations, it is counsel’s responsibility to contact the Court to obtain a continuance.  The court requires all motion for continuances to be filed with the court no later than one day before the court date on FIRST continuance requests only.  If your case has been previously continued, a court appearance IS REQUIRED. The signed recommendation by counsel AND defendant must accompany payment to be accepted by the Court office.  If payment is not made in full prior to the court date, the defendant and the attorney must appear in person on the court date.

If an attorney seeks to have a warrant recalled, said attorney shall file a motion to recall warrant with the court.  Any motions filed by mail or fax will be set aside for the judge to review.   All requests for warrants to be recalled shall be ruled upon by the Judge.  Upon the cancellation of a warrant, the court will assign a court date for both defendant and attorney to appear in person.

All motions to withdraw require a court appearance by counsel.  You must present the motion in court. 

Contact Information

Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, City of Florissant
4575 Washington St.
Florissant, MO  63033
Fax 314-582-9728