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What is a Law Enforcement Explorer?
Law Enforcement Explorer posts help youth to gain insight into a variety of programs that offer hands-on career activities.
Who can be a Law Enforcement Explorer?
Law Enforcement Exploring is a worksite-based program for young men and women who have completed the eighth grade and are 14 years of age, or are 15 years of age but have not yet reached their 21st birthday.
What will the program do for me?
For young men and women who are interested in careers in the field of law enforcement, Exploring can offer experiential learning with lots of fun-filled, hands-on activities that promote the growth and development of adolescent youth.
Why should I become Law Enforcement Explorer?
As an Explorer, young adults have the opportunity to assist the Florissant Police Department. Explorers can broaden their understanding and firsthand knowledge of the challenges and job skills that make up their community's police service.
What other training will I receive as an Explorer?
Radio Communication Skills, Traffic Control, Constitutional Law, Arrest Procedures, Self-Defense, First-Aid and CPR Training
How do I get started?
The Florissant Police Department's Explorer Post 9799 meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at the police department at 7:00 PM.
Who do I contact?
Contact the Police Advisor for the program at the Florissant Police Department at 314-831-7000.
If I became a Florissant Law Enforcement Explorer, what activities will I get involved with?
National Law Enforcement Explorer Conference, Explorer Academy, Valley of Flowers, Taste of North County, Fall Festival, Veterans Parade, Ride-a-Long Program, July 4th Festival, D.A.R.E. Dance, Project Liftoff and Christmas Parade
Results 1-8 of 8