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How do I obtain an occupancy permit?
Occupancy permits are issued after a housing inspection has been conducted and approved.
How do I add someone to my occupancy permit?
Please call the Public Works Department at (314) 839-7648 or view the department pages.
How can I get a copy of my occupancy permit?
You can obtain a copy of your occupancy permit at no charge by coming to Public Works, located in the lower level of City Hall, and asking for a copy.
Is a permit required to replace my driveway?
An excavation permit is required if you are replacing the approach area near the street.
How do I get an extension for my Minimum Housing Inspection/Exterior Inspection?
All requests for an extension would need to be in writing and sent to the Public Works Department, the request can be mailed in (955 Rue St. Francois, Florissant, MO 63031) or faxed to the Public Works Department (314-839-7646).
How do I apply for a housing inspection prior to selling my home?
The owner or the owner's agent must complete a form in the Public Works office giving the City Inspector the right to conduct an inspection.
What is the cost of a Minimum Housing Inspection?
Please call the Public Works Department at (314) 839-7648 or view the department pages.
My permit is about to expire, can I get an extension?
An extension for a permit has to have the approval of the Deputy Building Commissioner
How do I get City tags for my pets?
You may receive pet tags at the Health Department in St. Ferdinand Park.
My sewer is backing up in my basement. What do I need to do to fix this problem?
The City of Florissant has a "Sewer Lateral Insurance Program" (SLIP) for which homeowners pay $28.00 on their real estate taxes. The homeowner is responsible for having a plumber try to open the lateral line and if this is successful, the homeowner does not qualify for the program.
Who is the new trash service and do we have to use them?
A 3 year contract has been signed with Meridian for trash service. The new service will be starting Monday, March 30, 2009 and a letter from Meridian will be sent to all residents of Florissant. ALL residents will be required to have trash service through Meridian, you will be billed regardless of signing up for the trash service or not. Our ordinance reads that "Every household must have trash service."
Results 1-11 of 11