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Sunset Park is a 108 acre park located at 2300 Sunset Park Drive.  There is a trail that runs along the shore of the Missouri river (Sunset Trail is 3.9 miles).  This park is also home to the Sunset Nature Lodge that can be rented for various functions.  There is a pavilion with a BBQ pit that can be rented. The park has 2 restrooms.  For more information or rentals call 314-839-7670.

The History of Sunset Park

12/11/1961: Joseph and Marie Desloge donated 26.75 acres of their land to the City of Florissant with the stipulation it be used strictly for recreational purposes.
8/16/1962: Florissant leased 13 acres of land from Union Electric for $1.00 annually to obtain better accessibility to the new park.
2/1/1963: Florissant purchased an additional 15.524 acres of land from Willis and Luella Ehrardt for $25,000 to expand the southern portion of the park.
7/1964: The Junior Park Board members sponsored a "Name the New Park" contest.  Vincent Fonte, Jr. won with his submission of "Sunset Park".  He was awarded a $25.00 savings bond. 7/12/1967: Mayor James J. Eagan and J.W. Bachman, Parks Director, dedicated Sunset Park as the City of Florissant's 5th major park.
2/6/1975: Florissant purchased 34.253 acres of land from William and Molly Riley for $1.00 to continue the expansion of Sunset Park.
10/2012: Elise Werner Crosby, Louis Werner and Peter Werner, grandchildren of Joseph and Marie Desloge, donated 18 acres of their property to the City of Florissant as a memorial to Louis and Anne Desloge Werner.  This most northern section of the park has appropriately been designated as the "Louis and Anne Desloge Werner Memorial Woods". The covenants listed with the donation allow the land to be used only for recreational activities, such as dog walking, camping, horseback riding, and hiking.  Furthermore, this additional 18 acre expansion of Sunset Park created Florissant's largest and first "100+" acre park.

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