The position of City Clerk was created by the Charter of the City of Florissant, Section 3-12. Appointed by the Mayor the City Clerk is the official record keeper of the City. Some of the important records she is responsible for include minutes, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and other vital documents The City Clerk authenticates by signature all ordinances, resolutions and attests to contracts. She administers the Oath of Office to elected officials and certain employees. The City Clerk also prepares and certifies the ballot, working closely with St. Louis County Election Board to monitor elections. The City Clerk's office prepares and issues liquor licenses for new establishments as well as yearly renewals. She acts as legislative assistant to the City Attorney and City Council, researching information for matters when so requested by members of the City Council. The City Clerk's Office maintains regular contact with the Members of the City Council.

If you would like to know what ward you are in, you may contact the City Clerk's office.

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